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Dave's Links

The following links will help you find your way around the Real Estate world and the Victoria area. If you think of a link that would be a good addition to this page, send a message to Dave by going to the Contact Dave page.

We also maintain another website CadboroBayToday.com  because Cadboro Bay is where we actually live. Cadboro Bay is a quiet residential neighbourhood with a cosy village centre near the University of Victoria. Even if you don't live in Cadboro Bay, you might find some of the information interesting and useful. It has lots of pictures taken by Dave and others. It has three more comprehensive link sections which mostly apply to all of Victoria. One is for Local Resources, another is a collection of links for Sports, Hobbies, Interests and Clubs. The third is a special one that Agnes has built on Environmental Organizations. Want more? There are Recipes plus even a place to put a Free Classified ad and the list goes on. Click the link to check it out.