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the right guide is crucial

The sun was just beginning its descent on the horizon as Dave Lynn stood on the deck of his boat, the Bonanza II, and enjoyed the view. He took a moment to reflect on his crew's successful day at sea with his back turned to the fast-approaching landscape. His senses were unmistakably keen from his years out on the ocean. Suddenly, Dave sensed a change in the wind that was cause for alarm. As he turned toward the shore, he noticed the graying sky just beyond the mountains in the distance. The pleasant breeze quickly became a strong gale.

THOUGH THE STORM WAS THREATENING, Dave was prepared, as always. He and his crew worked feverishly in sync to secure the deck and prepare for the rough waters ahead. Thankfully for the safety of the crew and the boat itself, strategic planning and careful navigation were like second nature to Dave, a commercial fisherman off Canada's West Coast. And like so many times before, with Dave at the helm, there was sure to be safe passage home.

Family2rd.jpgA LONG-TIME RESIDENT OF VICTORIA, Dave's passion for the ocean comes naturally. Having raised their daughter, Tara, here as well, he and his wife, Agnes, have formed a special bond with the people in the community they have shared their lives with for so long. In fact, his appreciation and understanding of the high quality of life in the "Garden City" gives Dave's real estate clients a distinct advantage as he helps them navigate the ever-changing market while buying or selling a home.

THOUGH DAVE'S PAST CAREER AS a commercial fisherman and work as one of the area's leading real estate professionals may seem worlds apart, the two have many distinct parallels. "Much like being out at sea," Dave explains, "buying or selling your home is a journey with unexpected challenges and constant change. But when you plan ahead, pay attention to detail and enlist then help of an experienced guide, you can chart your own course for success."

Clientsrd.jpgWITH THAT PHILOSOPHY IN MIND, Dave is helping local residents and newcomers to the area by combining his business acumen and down-to-earth personality to navigate them through the local market. Whether you're buying a new home or selling your family's longtime residence, you can always rest assured that there's smooth sailing with Dave at the helm of your transaction.

FROM BEGINNING TO END AND well after your transaction is complete, you'll find Dave's insight and innovative marketing approach to be a true anchor for reaching your goals. Chart a Course for Success. Just give Dave a call for the latest information. You'll be very glad you did.